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Glamorous Blond Collection

Note: At present these products will be used for treatments in the studio only and be made available for sale at a later date.

The strength of the purple ingredient will transform your hair naturally and beautifully 12 benefits of the Purple Accent Masque
  1. The purple pigment formula removes unwanted yellow or brassy tones
  2. Leaves your hair a natural looking blonde
  3. Repairs split ends
  4. Protects from damage
  5. Helps listless tangled hair
  6. Nourishes and enriches dull hair
  7. Intense moisturizing capabilities
  8. Gives a shine to even darker hair types
  9. Emolients help to add bounce and vitality
  10. Restores natural liquid barriers
  11. Minimizes frizz
  12. Sulphate-free and paraben-free

Queen of World was founded over 20 years ago and has since become a pioneer in luxury cosmetics and special cosmetic treatments. In 2008 we went out to develop a franchise in Germany, offering hair removal services.

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